The Dles

A curated collection of 204 daily games.

Last updated 2024-06-06

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Add 4 dles.
Rework UI to be more compact.
Remove filtering, add categories.
Add a form to report a bug.
Add site information.
Add menu to play random dle.
Add 84 dles.
Remove 2 dles.
Remove the tag 'guessing' to avoid confusion.
Add the tag 'colors'.
Add 23 dles.
Redesign with Tailwind CSS.
Add button to play a random dle.
Remove tags: architecture, art, and color.
Add 7 dles.
Add a
Add 13 dles.
Add 8 dles.
Add a suggestion form.
Add 4 dles.
Add a proper README.
Remove daily and unlimited tags for simplicity.
Add archive tag.
Add 7 dles, remove 1.
Add tags with include/exclude filters.
Add dark mode toggle.
Add 57 dles.